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Uproar PR

What is PR and what does Uproar do for TAO Connect and its partners?

Public relations involves working with relevant members of the media to encourage them to write editorial stories to convey your message. It provides third-party credibility and honest, editorial promotion. Because of TAO Connect’s relationship with Uproar, the PR services are complimentary. We’ll work directly with you to create a newsworthy angle around your partnership through a press release and pitching efforts. 
The Process
1.Obtain approval to move forward with a formal announcement
2.Uproar will connect directly with you to discuss the extent of your organization’s utilization of TAO Connect and determine a spokesperson from your organization
3.Uproar will draft a press release to formally announce the partnership with TAO 
4.The press release will be sent to TAO Connect for approval and then passed to your organization for review/final approval 
5.Once approved, we will determine a distribution date best for both parties 
6.Uproar distributes the press release to relevant members of the media: local TV stations, local newspapers, student-run publications
Media Outreach
1.On-Campus Publications – Student-run media is one of our biggest assets during PR pushes. Content by students for students fosters a sense of trust and can spread the word on campus about TAO Connect’s services.
2.Local Online and Print – Most regional business and community publications have education reporters covering new initiatives on local campuses. We’ll reach out to each of these writers on announcement day or conduct outreach under embargo the week prior. 
3.Local TV Stations – A great way to gain exposure is by inviting local news stations to come out and film a segment around mental health on college campuses. They may wish to interview counselors, students, or even TAO Connect representatives remotely.
If you would like to promote your partnership with TAO Connect through Uproar
Reach Out!
Contact us at
Discovery Call/Email
Every school is different, so we would love to understand the nuances of why you chose to incorporate TAO Connect’s technology into your behavioral health program. This will help the team in drafting all media-facing materials moving forward. We will also plan out the timeline of the announcement during this call.

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