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Promote TAO

2021-2022 Higher Education Marketing Campaign

Fresh New Marketing Materials for the 2021-2022 Academic Year!

18 articles

2021 - 2022 Social Media Campaigns

Fresh new content to share on your Social Media feeds!

7 articles

Campagne de marketing de l’enseignement supérieur 2021-2022

Nouveau matériel de marketing pour l’année académique 2021-2022!

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Setup your Webpage

Information to send to your web-design folks to promote TAO access

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TAO Logos

Approved logos to use for promoting TAO

2 articles

Additional US- Printables

Additional printouts and digital files for USA institutions

13 articles

Additional Canada- Printables

Additional printouts & digital files for Canada Institutions

12 articles

Free PR- Partnership Announcement

PR partnership with Uproar and information on the PR process

1 article

V3 Explainer Video

Video to embed on your Webpage

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Log in and registration QR codes

QR codes imbedded with TAO login and registration URLs

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TAO Mobile V3 App

The Learner-Facing mobile app is available in the Apple Store and Google Play store.

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For Staff and Admin

Training guide and instructions on all staff related content

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Self-Care Referral Guides

A direct illustrative guide to skill building exercises for common concerns.

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For Learners

Insight for staff on TAO learner view, learner site setup, and zoom for clients

6 articles

Recorded Trainings

Recorded Trainings

Recordings of different types of staff trainings and User Group Meetings

2 articles

Content & General Training

Learn about the Theoretical Perspectives that was used to build the content.

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Content & Tools

Self-Care Referral Guides

A direct illustrative guide to skill building exercises for common concerns.

2 articles

Sessions and Courses

Pathways and summaries of TAO Modules

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Mindfulness Library

View mindfulness exercise titles, timestamps, and descriptions.

1 article

Logs and Journals

These are practice tools to practice the skills taught within the sessions.

11 articles

Progress Measures

TAO screening tool options and their scoring measures and cutoffs

5 articles

​Reporting Tool

Data Key on de-identified aggregated reports for utilization and outcomes.

1 article

Screening & Chatbot

Initial learner screening and TAO assistant (TAOmi) introduction

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UGM Recordings

User Group Meetings

Recordings of our Monthly Get-Togethers to talk Best Practices across TAO.

9 articles

Frequently Asked Questions

TAO Questions

Why use TAO?

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Technical Questions

Generally asked questions and answers for quick assistance

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