March 2021: V3 On-Demand Reporting and TAO Resources

V3 On-Demand Reporting

Join the TAO success team as they cover the new V3 reporting features that are available to administrators on demand. We will show you how to select the date ranges, download and interpret the reports. We will share and discuss how the data is gathered using the TAO data guide. Here is a link to the data guide in TAO resources for your reference.
For those of you who also have learners in V2, the success team is happy to download and send you the reports if you will give us a date range that you need. V2 reporting is still running on an internal dashboard so we will need to provide this for you! 

V3 Resources

We are excited to also share our new TAO V3 resources site. Learn more about marketing materials, training guides, recorded training, and FAQs. We will take you on a high-level guided tour that will show you resources to enhance your community TAO experience. 

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