Badges How-To

How To View/Download/Print Your Earned Badges

Click here to view instructions in a PDF to share with Learners.

After each session completed, you will receive a badge. It may take 1-2 minutes before the badges will be awarded. You will receive a notification that you have received a badge. 

To view and share your badge, go to your home screen and click on "My Badges" in the left navigation menu. Here you will see your entire collection of badges. You can also send badges to the appropriate person through three mechanisms: download and email, print and give in person or copy and share the badge link.

By clicking the three action dots next to the name of the badge you wish to share and choosing "View/Print/Download Your Badge", you will be able to view your earned badge and be presented with three options. You can view your responses, download the badge, or copy the link to the badge.

To view or share your course responses or time that you worked in TAO, select "View Course Responses" on the upper certificate navigation. You can print this page with your course responses, or screen capture the upper part of the page that just shows the time to complete the session.

By clicking “Download Badge”, this will download the badge directly to your desktop as a PDF. You can then click the print icon in the top right corner once the certificate opens.

By clicking, “Copy Link to Clipboard”, a URL to your badge will be created.

You can paste this URL in an email and send it to show proof of completion. 

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