Mindfulness Exercises with Descriptions

Mindfully Walking Mindfulness Exercise (4:01): This is a quick guided meditation to assist the learner in practicing mindfully walking. Mindfulness can be practiced in so many contexts, even just walking down the street!

Take a Vacation In Your Mind - Guided Imagery (8:25): This is a guided imagery exercise that will allow you to get a break from all the hectic stress of life. Guided meditation and guided imagery exercises are a great way to increase relaxation.
Deep Breathing (3:30): This is a brief guided meditation with a focus on deep breathing. It will help you practice deep breathing so that you can use it in every day life.
Mindful Examination of a Leaf (2:02): Mindfulness can be practiced in a variety of ways. This mindfulness exercise will allow you to practice the details of focusing in on one thing, a leaf!
Mindful Eating (3:27): Mindfulness is about being in the present moment. When you are eating, be eating! This exercise will help guide you in the practice of being present while eating. You can take this practice into other activities too, like showering, walking, or just sitting on a bench.
Mindful Breathing #1 (2:46): This is a quick guided mindfulness exercise to give you the practice in mindful breathing. Mindful breathing can help you get centered and present in a moment's notice!

Mindful Breathing #2 (3:49): This exercise is another way to practice mindful breathing. There are many ways to practice mindfulness, so try them all and see which ones you prefer!

Mindful Awareness Exercise (3:04): This mindfulness exercise is an introduction to the practice of awareness. Without judging the present moment as 'good' or 'bad', mindful awareness is about just being present, centered, and calm.
Letting Go (10:52): This mindfulness exercise is focused on the skill of 'letting go'. Throughout the day, we can hold onto the stresses that add up and feel the weight and heaviness. Letting go can help us relax and deal with stress. It can be a skill we improve upon with practice.
Notice Yourself (6:14): This is a guided mindfulness exercise to help you look inward and have awareness of yourself. This can help you improve your relationship with yourself, self-compassion, and self-understanding.
Observing Thoughts Exercise (2:20): Usually, we respond to our inner thoughts with automatic responses in emotion and behavior. If we slow down and observe them mindfully, we can get the chance to change 'automatic' to having more choice.
States of Flow (2:07): This mindfulness exercise will give you practice in getting into a state of flow. "Flow" is the mental state where you are completely absorbed in a task and other thoughts fade into the background.  Flow is sometimes discussed as "being in the zone" or peak performance.
Meditation for Pain #1 (5:45): Mindfulness has been shown to assist in improving one's experience of chronic pain. Use the meditations for pain for mindfulness practice directed at this goal. This beginner mindfulness exercise has a focus on non-judgment and taking charge of focus.
Meditation for Pain #2 (5:06): This mindfulness exercise focuses on cleansing breathing as a tool to withhold negative judgment about pain. It will help deepen your practice in mindfulness meditation.
Meditation for Pain # 3 (2:34): This brief mindfulness exercise for pain will assist in deepening your mindfulness practice. It will suggest a new way to have relationship with pain. 
Loving Kindness Meditation (12:41): This is a well-known type of meditation that is focused on increasing self-compassion as well as compassion and kindness for others. Use this regularly to improve your mood and reduce suffering in your life.
Finding Your Happy Place (6:22): Use this mindfulness exercise to develop a 'happy place' imagery of your own. It involves connecting all of your senses to this imagery as an escape from the stress of life to a relaxing, enjoyable place you can come back to over and over.
Light as a Feather (5:46): This guided imagery exercise can help in reducing overall stress. Using this before a big task or before bed will bring you a sense of relaxation and weightlessness, creating a sense of relaxation in the body. 
Meditation for Intrusive Thoughts (11:44): This mindfulness exercise will coach you in taking control of your focus. A more controlled focus will allow you to disengage with intrusive thoughts.
Breathe in Peace and Energy (4:34): This mindfulness exercise will coach you to use your breath as a way to breathe in peaceful energy and release stress.
Positive In, Negative Out (5:14): This quick, 5 minute mindfulness exercise will help you to practice inviting in the positive and eliminating the negative. Use this regularly to feel relaxed and grounded.
Meditation on Body Acceptance (12:18): This mindfulness exercise is focused on accepting our bodies as they are, including all of the ways our bodies support us in life. Use this to shift focus from body complaints to celebrating the body's existence and support.
Meditation for Restful Sleep (5:16): Use this mindfulness exercise to prepare you for a restful night's sleep.

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