January 2022: TAO Playbook for effective delivery of TAO

TAO playbook for effective marketing, departmental strategies, and utilization expanding techniques that are being used in our most successful sites. The TAO Success Team will share the playbook that will be available in the resources shortly.

  • Easy successful giveaways for tabling events
  • Put your library to work
  • Creating an anonymous resource content set for veterinary technicians
  • Utilizing TAO as homework for engineering-technical communication
  • Mental health mindfulness breaks in class
  • A semester’s worth of resources for your first-year learners
  • Building transferable skills in nursing students
  • Utilizing TAO content as homework in psychology class
  • Supporting your international students with TAO in your ESL program
  • Faculty advising referrals
  • School of Medicine Wellness Assessments and burnout prevention
  • Athletics 

The PowerPoint from this meeting can be found here: UGM-1-21-2022-Playbook.pptx

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