How to Build TAO Modules into Your LMS

    Why enhance curriculum with TAO?

    By integrating TAO's mental health curriculum into your existing programs, you can demonstrate your institution's commitment to student wellbeing and provide a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining students who prioritize their mental health. 

    TAO modules focus on:

  1. Stress Reduction: We equip students with practical stress management techniques, helping them balance academic and personal responsibilities effectively.
  2. Emotional Resilience: We teach students how to build emotional resilience, equipping them to navigate challenges and setbacks with grace and determination.
  3. Mental Health Awareness: We raise awareness about common mental health issues, reduce stigma, and encourage students to seek support when needed.
  4. Peer Support: Our curriculum fosters a supportive and empathetic community where students can lean on one another during difficult times.
  5. Lifelong Skills: We provide students with lifelong skills that extend beyond their academic journey, helping them thrive in all aspects of life.

    How do I add TAO to my course?

  1. Choose one (or more!) module(s) from the Success and Wellness Library
  2. Email your TAO Client Success Manager to request your desired TAO module(s). Don't know who your CSM is? No worries! Send an email to including the name of your institution and which LMS your campus utilizes and someone will respond ASAP!
  3. Your Client Success Manager will do all of the necessary backend work and share an IMSCC or SCORM file with you, meaning that the only thing you will need to do is upload the file into the course you want to use it in. You may need to reach out to your instructional designer if you are unfamiliar with uploading files into your LMS. 
    1. Not sure if you need an IMSCC or SCORM file? All good! Please refer to the image below: 

4. Once the file is uploaded in your LMS (either by you or by your institution's instructional designer), all you need to do is assign points and due dates for the badge upload(s).

5. The file is ready to be shared with your students!

Here is a preview of how it looks in the LMS (this specific screenshot is from Canvas):

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